Become a volunteer community producer with us!

Volunteer Opportunities

Become engaged in your community through WRCM! Use your talents to bring information, promotion and entertainment to residents and visitors through WRCM's cable television channels, Roku channel, website and social media outlets.

Several opportunities are available to community residents and non-profit groups or individuals who want to produce their own program.

Volunteer Community Producers who are trained and certified by WRCM.

WRCM provides Volunteer Community Producers with tools and training to be able to create programming.   We are confident that given the right training, equipment and opportunities, our volunteers can make quality programming. So, no, we cannot do it for you, but we will help you along the way.

We also except submitted programs to be aired on cable television and streaming devices. We always need videographers, photographers, producers, sports commentators, program directors, and hosts, graphic designers and program schedule distributors.

Incentives for volunteering: 

In appreciation for your time and effort, volunteers are awarded credit points for projects as a Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP). For our latest volunteer opportunities, please check out United Way of Inner Wisconsin’s volunteer website at, or call us at 715-423-0443 and ask for Multimedia Coordinator Tom Loucks

Submitted programs are not part of the volunteer incentive program.

Please fill out the volunteer form here.